After market audio

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at
Sun Dec 23 08:46:39 PST 2007

We have a Blaupunkt Seattle head unit in ours. I recently fitted some small
2 way JBL speakers in the front dash apertures, but would like to fit some 6
to 8 inch drivers in the front doors if I can find the time and the space.

Most of the newer blaupunkt units come with a set of connectors on the back
for attaching aux inputs, cd changers (but only their own) nav systems and
phones. You can also get kits to upgrade the installation i.e. interface
cables that plug in the back of the head-unit. I was looking at one that
does the Bluetooth cell phone handsfree thing with a mic and USB socket for
media. There was another that interfaces with the I-Pod and allegedly gives
you control from the head-unit.

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