Rear wheel bearings

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Must be something else then.

I have had quite a few bits apart recently so the abs issue could be
anything, although the ABS AUF light only started coming on since it snowed
here in Montreal and one has been "taking advantage" of the Quattro system

I am changing the dud bearing on Monday, all being well, so in the unlikely
event that it cures the ABS issue, then I guess that you, maybe perhaps,
might just owe me a pint!


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On Dec 23, 2007, at 8:03 AM, Geraint Lloyd wrote:

> Also the ABS trips off when "really giving it some" in deep snow.
> When the arse end steps out the ABS trips off which I assume is the  
> castle
> ring to sensor gap going out of spec
Our ABS is not a traction control system. It is a braking system,  
active only when braking. You speculate that there is compliance in  
the wheel bearing allowing significant changes in ABS sensor gap. I  
disagree. Even a very noisy wheel bearing will allow very little  
axial deflection of the axle.

> Geraint
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> What are the most common sounds/indications of an impending rear wheel
> bearing failure?  I have just over 105K on my '91 20 valve 200 so
> hopefully there will be plenty of trouble-free miles, at least as far
> as the bearing issue.  I have had so many other problems over the
> years, even with a relatively low mileage car.  Latest issue was
> transmission braces.  However, my Audi is a keeper for me, since I
> bought it new.  Appreciate the help.
> Scott
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