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Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sun Dec 23 09:07:58 PST 2007

An aftermarket Blaupunkt head unit is the easiest to interface with  
the Audi wiring inasmuch as connectors plug and play, requiring only  
the relocation of one pin in the power connector. All HUs now at  
least include a CD player.

One can use the Audi head unit to speaker wiring and bypass the  
amplifiers at each speaker, connecting directly to the original  
speakers, BTDT, or aftermarket speakers.


On Dec 23, 2007, at 8:27 AM, Scott Elliot Gilman wrote:

> It is time to replace the original Bose system in the '91 20 valve 200
> because three of the speakers have bad amplifiers.  Several years ago,
> I had two speakers replaced, and I rather get an entirely new system
> this time.  Since '91, there must have been tremendous improvements
> with the receivers/speakers so I imagine that there are inexpensive
> components that perform better than the original Bose system.  Anyone
> have a recommendation for a receiver and speakers?  I was checking out
> the Crutchfield website and they had such a large selection for my
> Audi that it is difficult to choose.  I don't really need a CD player
> since I rely on the IPOD, so AM/FM is ok, and I don't have any plans
> to add satellite  radio.  Eventually I'll get a stand-alone GPS, but
> that will come later.  My goal is a good sounding system without
> breaking the bank.  I'd like to keep the component costs well under
> $800, preferably in the $500-$600 range if possible.  Everyone, have a
> wonderful holiday.
> Scott
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