reminder: factory phones will be useless post Feb 2008

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I have an '03 S8 that was equipped with an analog OnStar system.  There is no Audi-supported upgrade path for that system, so I recently removed the control module entirely.  

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> For those of you that haven't heard, and use your (analog) factory 
> phones, if only for making emergency calls...analog cell phone service 
> in the US will be harder and harder to find after February 2008. 
> It's worth noting that the FCC is "letting" carriers do this after Feb 
> 18th- not sure how hot-to-trot the various carriers will be. No doubt 
> some will jump at the chance to get customers to drop $$ on new plans 
> and handsets... 
> Does anyone know what newer Audi models use the old analog On-Star 
> based system, and if they can be updated as claimed in the article? I 
> think this would make a good wiki article, but I have no clue on 
> either front. 
> Brett 
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