After market audio

CL Wong montesawong at
Mon Dec 24 08:48:16 PST 2007


Not sure what your requirements are in a stereo
upgrade would be, but Audifans listers run the full
spectrum from the absolute purists (money no object)
to the don't fix it if it aint broke crowd.

Where you fall is for you to decide, but I'd suspect
that living in NYC would mean some degree of security
is required in the form of OEM looks and probably a
removeable face plate.

I managed to completely redo my system a few years ago
on the cheap (well under $500) and that includes an
amp, sub and component speakers up front.  I don't
have speakers in the rear deck so the sub can breath. 

Sounds great, but I'm no where near a purist and I
don't put too much importance on matching the lighting
scheme.  The key is finding good deals either on ebay
or on sale.  Don't be afraid of refurbished or
discontinued items.

here's a thread to my installation with pictures:

My first iteration of audio upgrade on the cheap used
coaxial speakers in the dash, doors and 6X9s in the
rear deck, but didn't sound right to me.  Retaining
the bose speaker pods severely limited my speaker
choices and the sound/soundstage just wasn't right to
my ears.  

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