After market audio

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Dec 24 10:30:42 PST 2007

On Dec 24, 2007, at 11:48 AM, CL Wong wrote:

> Sounds great, but I'm no where near a purist and I
> don't put too much importance on matching the lighting
> scheme.  The key is finding good deals either on ebay
> or on sale.  Don't be afraid of refurbished or
> discontinued items.

I disagree; I got burned buying a discounted/discontinued radio.  I  
bought a Blaupunkt unit from Crutchfield which was heavily discounted.

Why was it discounted?  Might have been the defective capacitors that  
pissed out their electrolyte all over the circuit board, causing the  
radio to put out nothing but static after at most 30 minutes of  
operation.  I discovered this when I took apart the unit to get back a  
CD it munched.  Not apparent in the photos was the fact that the  
faceplate (which was hinged to allow access to a smartcard lock/ 
preference card) stuck out a ridiculous amount from the dash, making  
it look like an ugly, cheap plastic electric wart.

I think I still have it somewhere.  I should catapult it off a cliff  
as a monument to Crutchfield selling known defective goods...


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