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Mon Dec 24 13:12:49 PST 2007


3 years ago, I took my car to lister Bill Ferndon to
get my clutch replaced.  He recommended and I agreed
the job would be a replace everything "while you're in
there" kind of deal so the car would only be up once. 
The idea was ultimately to save labor on stuff that
would require removing those items again.

After 3 weeks I got the car back and all the
underneath components had been cleaned and the car
drove like it was brand new.  I used to feel that the
car was too flexy over bumps until the suspension bits
were replaced.  Handling improved as well as ride. 
It's still flexy compared to the BMWs the wife brings
home from work on occasion (she works for BMW
financial services).

The only downside was the cost and the tear in the web
of metal under the hood (after a year) which I
attributed to the car's newfound stiffness.  My theory
was the sloppiness of the suspension components prior
to the work somehow absorbed any forces which might
have contributed to the tearing.

The clutch and while you're in there work along with
the timing belt work I did the following year combined
cost more than 200 20vs are selling for these days.

I haven't driven any other 200s so I can't say how big
a difference it is.  My car has always been
particularly nice (according to others who have seen
and/or driven) and the difference was pretty

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