After market audio

CL Wong montesawong at
Mon Dec 24 13:24:18 PST 2007

--- Brett Dikeman <brett at> wrote:
> I disagree; I got burned buying a
> discounted/discontinued radio.  I  
> bought a Blaupunkt unit from Crutchfield which was
> heavily discounted.
> Why was it discounted?  Might have been the
> defective capacitors that  
> pissed out their electrolyte all over the circuit
> board, causing the  
> radio to put out nothing but static after at most 30
> minutes of  
> operation.

I never got burned in this fashion or my advice would
be very different.

I would expect that failure after 30 minutes would
qualify for some kind of refund or exchange even for a
refurbished item, but electronics that you have to
install can be under different warranty rules because
you'd have to prove you didn't somehow cause the
problem.  Is that why you didn't return your blaupunkt

When I buy electronic stuff, I usually leave it on for
a day because if an electronic product will fail it
will fail within the first few hours of use.

I think buying refurbished or discontinued items is no
different than buying used Audis.  Fickle people with
money buy the latest models then get rid of them when
something newer comes out.  If an item is returned and
works perfectly but sells at a discount or is
discounted because it's last years model it should
work fine and you get it cheaper.

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