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Thanks for the reply!

The 225 55 16's are taller, hence my problems. going to put 215 55 16's on
as soon as funds available. think the apx 1/4" difference will solve my
problems. Tires came with the rims, not like I bought new tires! (Now that
would have really disturbed me!) Springs aren't sagging in this car, but had
put the spring "blocks" in awhile ago anyway.

My old 200 10V which my son now owns had the sagging spring issue, we put
the blocks in that one first. Cheap, ($10)and they do restore the static
ride height. Not a believer in these things but springs are a issue with
these cars. Springs in his are whooped, but not a lot of  springs readily
available for these cars. It's either drop springs, getting some made, or
used. My parts source knows a guy that does rally springs and could
supposedly make some street springs. Never managed to firm this up, but need
to pursue it more. Not keen on the H&R's as I live "outside" of town and
don't want a super harsh ride, nor do I want to drop the vehicle 1"+.

Going to get car aligned, but want to install strut brace first. Don't have
the firewall cracks or excessive tire wear, but camber was maxed on previous
owners last alignment. Looking like I'm back to work force next week. Place
I'm going to is a one man shop that does old vehicle restorations, all
oddball stuff. Owners real love is antique machinery and he's purchased and
rehabbed a whole bunch of them. Talked to him the other day and he wants to
make the brace almost as much as I want to install it...haha   Discussed
materials, I'd thought of using black iron pipe, be hold told me to get some
solid stock material.

Had briefly looked for spring spacers to install over H&R's, but think this
would affect spring rate? Wasn't able to find any dimensions on what's out
there, but didn't dig too deep, my dial-up service gets pretty discouraging
on in-depth searches! Machinist above could make some, but once again, not
real sure of the effect on spring rates. The 15mm Audi spacers would give
about a 1/2", but living in upstate NY and the normal snow (not this year,
so far) don't want to give up the ground clearance.

If I went with H&R's, spaced, I'd probably stick with the Boge turbos, this
car is a daily driver, not a track car, don't want a harsh ride.

Anyone have a set of used 20V H&R's they'd be willing to part with for
reasonable (in the interest of science of course!)?

Sure this will spark some debates, the old spring threads usually do!


PS: Guess I have no more excuses for procrastinating on the chip install.
Engine and management is all sorted out. Will do ecu first, then try the
spring after I drive a bit so I can discern the difference. Probably
tomorrows project, house is being shown today!
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  I'm running 225/50 16 on 8"width wheels.  I can run fairly loaded to a
point - can't take 6 bags of concrete in the trunk for example, but 3 adult
passengers in back and some luggage is OK.  I had some 225/60 15's on
before, and had some issues when fully loaded - more so than with the 225/50
16 which won't rub except under the most extreme load and bottoming out.

  Bad suspension could be possible culprit, either sagging springs or worn
struts or anything messing with the geometry.  I had to adjust the camber in
at the top on one of my 5000's when it rubbed on one side, so that may be a
possible solution.  That is fairly easy to do by turning the trap link until
there is sufficient clearance - it doesn't take much, and usually you would
be putting the car in better alignment rather than taking it out of spec.,
at least I had no tire wear issues when I did this.  If you cant put your
fat finger between the tire and the fender well with a big boy is standing
on the bumper then you might want to try this before buying new tires.


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  I was running 225 50 16 on Audi A4 5 spokes, no problems whatsoever.
Sounds like your suspension?


  Eric Huppert dragracer at netstep.net Tue Jan 30 08:30:48 EST 2007


  My recent acquisition of some Mille Miglia (16x7x38et) and tires has

  provided me with some unwanted knowledge! 225 55 16's do not fit in the

  20V's very well! Was okay until I had a couple of kids in the backseat and

  took some turns! Backs rub slightly under suspension compression, fronts

  lightly rub on parking lot full turn maneuvers. All is fine with no

  passengers though, should I just remove the back seat :o)

  Hoping to sell tires to help offset cost of some new ones!!

  Question is.... Has anyone successfully fitted 215 55 16s? Will go for all

  seasons, have looked at the specs for 225 50 16's, they're a bit shorter

  than the OE 215 60 15's and the 215 55's...  ET on the new rims shouldn't

  create much of a issue as they're narrower (7") and rim should end up

  the same.,, or inboard a touch more than OE. Lots of room between steering

  arm and tire.

  215 55 16? Thoughts, BTDT's?


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