tirefitment 200 quattro Digest, Vol 40, Issue 1

Eric Huppert dragracer at netstep.net
Thu Feb 1 20:06:24 EST 2007

Yes, rims in question are 16x7, 38 et Mille Miglia A1's

Someone slap me if below logic doesn't seem correct...

1. The stock BBS 15x7.5 et is 35

2. Fuchs 16x8 are 40 and the 225 50 16's work with the increased offset

3. Mille Miglias on the vehicle at present are 16x7 38 et

So, my understanding of ET measurement is wheel centerline (width), then
adding ET determines where rim face ends up.

Seeing as how rims I have are narrower the measurement from "hub" to rim
face should be less than the 16x8's or 15x7.5's. Meaning the rim isn't
really spaced out any further than the other rims, even with the 38 et

With all of that said, am sorry I ever bought these. Price was right, and
needed to put my 20V wheels and tires on another 20V. Tires are just too

Think we/I have beat this horse enough...


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