Rear Caliper Rebuild

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Sat Feb 3 06:44:56 EST 2007


That page is real helpful.  Adds quite a bit of information to what I  

The tool they use in the original 20v page looks pretty clever, but  
it's not like I've got a piece of flat steel lying around, or if I  
did that I have the means to drill and tap the piece.

Any problems with stability in leveraging the socket against the  
caliper with the screwdriver?  Comparing the new pictures to your  
description, it sounds like you used pretty much the same deep socket  
with the screwdriver as with the c-clamp.

And nice red caliper.  Unfortunately, I don't think rust has that  
same fire-engine red look.

Derek P

On Feb 3, 2007, at 7:29 PM, Peter Schulz wrote:

> Derek:
> add this to the references:
> Mike Sylvester and I have now rebuilt quite a number of the rear  
> calipers.
> Last time, we tried a caliper piston spring compression tool that  
> consisted of a deep 3/8 drive socket and the addition of a 3/8 to  
> 1/2 inch drive adapter, which gave just enough height to then use a  
> screw driver as a fulcrum ( instead of using the "C" clamp) against  
> the caliper body....
> -hth
> -Peter
> At 10:17 AM 2/3/2007 +0000, you wrote:
>> I've gotten the gumption again to dive into the rear caliper rebuild
>> project.  Looking through the instructions I got from fellow lister
>> Mr. Peter Schulz, and the site, looks like I need to find a
>> way to beg, borrow, or I guess fabricate a compression tool.  I
>> looked at the picture of the tool on the 20v site, but not sure I've
>> got the tools to make that tool.
>> Anyone with any suggestions on either how to make one of those tools
>> with off the shelf parts, or perhaps have a tool they'd be willing to
>> put on loan?
>> Derek P
>> Seattle, Wa
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