Boost gauge install

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Thanks for the info, exactly the kind of answer I was looking for!

So just to make sure... E36 = 91-99 3 series?

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  Definitely not going to work on a type 44- BTDT.

  Your best bet is to find a pod for an E36 BMW- it's pretty close in
profile, with a heat
  gun and some careful trimming to better match the contour, you could get
it to fit fairly well.


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    > 2.  Anyone have a brand/model # of a pod that fit the pillar somewhat
    >  reasonably? Flaps has some generic ones, but looks like the gauge
    >  angle
    > won't be right. Could use the gauge cup but would like it to be  a
    > more subtle. (Yep, no bling!)

    Doesn't  Autometer offer a pillar pod for the URS4?  Has anyone tried
that in
    a  Type 44?

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