Blink code 2111, RPM / Engine speed Sensor

Eric Huppert dragracer at
Tue Feb 6 17:25:44 EST 2007


In my quest for the wonderful "no codes" I am struggling with 2111. (Yes,
engine running while blinking codes)

Recently installed the chipset... Isn't running quite right on the top end!

1. Ran codes again and again and again... In the past I replaced the RPM
reference sensor due to 2111 code. Well, have it again and trying to get
this sorted out correctly.

2. Replaced with two different used sensors, still have code. (Cleared codes
numerous times) Cleaned all associated connections. Tried running with
original sensor. All three sensors test good with ohmmeter.

3. Checked continuity of wires to ECU per Bentley... All good. Tried
wiggling wires while measuring resistance to see if bad wire or connection.

4. Checked flywheel, looked through sensor hole while bumping engine with
remote starter device.

5. Put different ECU in car as Bentley states if everything else good
replace ECU. Still does it! didn't have any codes in other car.

Will call for another sensor, but find it hard to believe all three sensors
could be bad?

What am I missing???


PS: Now also getting a ox sensor code. This could be caused by fuel pressure
issues, but will replace as I don't know when one in car was done last! The
bad turbo and resulting oil consumption may have cooked it! Wires etc good
for sensor. This is a new one, just started today!

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