Blink code 2111, RPM / Engine speed Sensor/possibly solved

Eric Huppert dragracer at
Wed Feb 7 14:52:16 EST 2007

Went through all the grounds (using Bentley to figure out where the bulk
were in addition to just looking!), cleaned, etc. Replaced failed ox sensor
(failed yesterday, nothing like two faults at once!), rechecked all
electrical connections.

Just test drove, getting a! This problem has plagued me for
quite some time. Thinking it was a intermittent or weak ground.

The other project was digging into the MAF wires. Some monkey lad had put
the tie rod assy behind the wire loom instead of in front while replacing
rack. Pulled tie rod and rerouted the assy the other day, had just pulled
wires back into place. Wire loom for MAF was somewhat cooked, Wires had
actually fused together and plastic shield became "one" with the wires. Used
the heat gun and softened stuff up and pulled everything apart. Spliced in
three patches on wires that looked questionable. (One of which was a large
ground that shared the same motronic ground circuit with the rpm sensor.)

Time to put the chipped ECU back in and another test drive.

To close.... Believe it was one of the numerous ground wires. Time will



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