Bad Fuel Pump Relay?

RGuzz rguzz at
Fri Feb 9 10:20:33 EST 2007

The climate control is on econ. Radio is okay. The clicking I hear is 
so evidently related to the miss and surge it's hard to confuse it with 
anything else. I suppose it's possible I'm hearing the relay from under 
the hood but I doubt it.
Maybe I'll remove the panel and drive around and see if it all becomes 
a bit more clear. Easier to isolate the failing relay maybe.
Anything else in that inside relay panel that might cause a stumble 
like that? It does feel like a  fuel problem for whatever that's worth.
Thanks again.
On Feb 8, 2007, at 7:49 PM, Kneale Brownson wrote:

> Fuel pump relay is under the hood in the relay/fuse panel there.  The 
> clicking you hear probably is some other relay, but it may be related 
> to your performance issue.  You'd have to remove the panel below the 
> steering wheel to get to the bunch of relays there.  That involves 
> screws beneath the steering column, near the brake pedal, low beside 
> the door opening and under the endcap on the dash.  Is your climate 
> control head set to "auto"?  Do you hear any noises in the radio when 
> the miss occurs?
> RGuzz <rguzz at> wrote:There is a miss and a surge very 
> noticed and intermittent. It is
>> accompanied now by a clicking under dash drivers side. In other words,
>> when I feel the miss and surge I hear the rapid clicking familiar to 
>> me
>> when I have had failing relays in the past. When I do not hear it car
>> runs fine.
>> Bentley says location 10, fuse relay panel for fuel pump relay.
>> Is this in fact on the drivers side? Any other thoughts about what 
>> this
>> clicking might be relative to the problem I am experiencing? Should I
>> just replace the relay?
>> I do see the troubleshooting section for the relay in Bentley I'm not
>> sure I can carry it out.
>> Richard
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