Suggestions for replacement BPV, 200 20V

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Wed Feb 14 22:42:16 EST 2007


Sorry.... wasn't quite clear in the message. Was fairly ecstatic when I
discovered the diaphragm was leaking (NOT a bad rear main)... Meaning, it
was indeed the BPV making the noise.

So, consensus so far is the 710 BPV.

As for your psychiatrist/ear doctor "shot", my reliving the sound was an
attempt at humor.


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> So, the beauty of chipping the beast is that every weak link possible will
> fail. (less than a week with the chips now) spent the last six months
> sorting the car out, feel like I'm starting over!

> Drove about 200 miles today. Of course as soon as I left home started
> hearing a moaning noise(no, she worked today)that appeared at boost and
> would diminish eventually. With my luck I started trying to guess worse
> scenario. (it can only get better from there, no?) I finally decided it
> the rear main seal. Lovely thing about driving, lots of time to become
> paranoid!
> No, the noise didn't get worse... but I can still hear it car has been
> off for a half hour now!

Have you been to an ear doctor or psychiatrist?  The noise should stop
when you park the car...

> So, question is.....Suggestions for an inexpensive replacement? Have seen
> some different messages with different ideas, but will ask again. I'm a
> little leery of replacing with a used stock as I could end up in the same
> place with increased boost...

A replacement for what?  The rear main seal?  Or the "BPV" mentioned in
the subject line?

Huw Powell

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