Is it worth it?

Dave Scott ds at
Thu Feb 15 18:24:09 EST 2007

Hi Guys,

My 20v is in the shop after what may potentially be an engine  
terminating event. The car began losing power at freeway speeds,  
which is when I noticed oil temp was pegged. I pulled over, but just  
as I'm getting off the road, oil smoke poured out from under the  
hood. The shop tells me the head gasket blew. Without doing any  
additional investigating, they're advising me that the work required  
likely isn't worth it. (Essentially tearing the engine down to look  
for block & piston damage from the extreme heat, bent valves, etc)

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? I love the car and  
like all of us would be reluctant to let it go, but I have to be  
practical too...

Thanks for any responses.


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