Is it worth it?

Peter Schulz pcschulz at
Thu Feb 15 19:23:12 EST 2007


You should look into buying another engine before spending the money on the 
tear down.
There are a number of 7a engines available from folks who have done engine 
transplants to 3b or AANs.


At 06:24 PM 2/15/2007 -0500, Dave Scott wrote:
>Hi Guys,
>My 20v is in the shop after what may potentially be an engine
>terminating event. The car began losing power at freeway speeds,
>which is when I noticed oil temp was pegged. I pulled over, but just
>as I'm getting off the road, oil smoke poured out from under the
>hood. The shop tells me the head gasket blew. Without doing any
>additional investigating, they're advising me that the work required
>likely isn't worth it. (Essentially tearing the engine down to look
>for block & piston damage from the extreme heat, bent valves, etc)
>Has anyone experienced anything like this before? I love the car and
>like all of us would be reluctant to let it go, but I have to be
>practical too...
>Thanks for any responses.
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