Is it worth it?

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greg @ autofirme knows i5's (esp. 10v&20v turbos) his # is 845.373.0170.  he is busy guy, expect a few weeks lead time.  shokan sells 3b engines w/o components, for $2400.  I would think with some searching you can find one cheaper. with the labor involved, however, you might think about parting the car and getting another. you should be able to get a sedan for $3k-4K.  another option is a 10v w/ FI system like 034 etc.  

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> Dave,
> If the oil got that hot I would be suspicious of bearing damage also... Did
> coolant end up in the block, did oil leak out, why was the gauge pegged?
> IMHO might be cheaper to find another 3b in decent shape.
> Have heard all "good things" about autofirme in Duchess county (1 1/2hrs
> north of NYC). Although they're somewhat local to me, I do all my own work
> so no first hand experience!
> Wherever you end up, would suggest you make sure the mechanic is familiar
> with the i5's! My parts guy keeps telling me these are OLD cars! (He does
> that with a smile)
> Eric
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