Is it worth it?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri Feb 16 11:57:02 EST 2007

> If anyone knows of a good Audi mechanic in the NYC/Jersey Shore area,
> I'd love to get their info.

If he's still around and doing Audi stuff- George Baxter in (I think)
Bristol, PA; I don't have any contact info, sorry- but if you google his
name with "jeep", you'll find lots of mentions; he does a lot of military
jeep parts business.

  Back around '99 he owned a 200q20v avant, has built at least two eS2's-
he should know the 20vt's well.  As far as I have ever heard, his work
is top notch.

Depending on where you are, Greg Haymann may be closer (Amenia, NY) and
also does excellent work.  I have been a customer of Greg's twice.


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