Flakey rev counter

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at yahoo.ca
Sun Feb 18 08:28:45 EST 2007

Hi all

the rev counter in the 200 TQA 10V just went flaky.
its ok some of the time, but will bounce around wildly then go to zero
at other times.

A search of the archives revealed plentiful advice regarding iffy
speedo's  (and I don't mean a clingy lycra "one piece" number tucked
neatly under a huge overhanging beer gut)
Advice all pointed to cracked tracks on the cluster pcb.

can someone confirm that the rev counter/ tacho has the same issues with
PCBs or am i looking at something else?

As far as i can figure, the MC2 tach feed is from the ECU. is this
correct or is it actually (still) from the coil?

Bye for now


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