No boost after shift

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Wed Feb 21 17:50:28 EST 2007

Just went and checked.  That vacuum line is secure at both ends.

It's one I replaced a few months ago.  I routed it along on the outer
side of the air box, along the far passenger side of the engine
compartment.  The line I used is just plain rubber vacuum line.


On 2/21/07, CLAG500 at <CLAG500 at> wrote:
> Sounds like a BPV not opening. Also be sure to check the vacuum line going
> to it. Common problem on the 200 20v.
> Chad
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> Actually I was wondering if the BPV might failing to open, thereby
> causing compressor stall.  Have they ever or can they even fail in
> that way?
> Maybe it's not sealing back up properly or quickly enough after it does
> open?
> Ed
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