Fuel Line Repair

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 22 12:21:31 EST 2007

Ticking little jobs off one by one, and this one is slated to go down  
this weekend.  Sourced out a dremel, got about a foot of 5/16 fuel  
line hose, and two fuel injection hose clamps.  This will be to  
repair the fuel line between the FPR and the injector rail

Anybody think of anything else I missed?  Used  a feeler gauge/ 
measuring caliper (is that the right name?) to figure out the OD of  
the steel lines, and 5/16" was the best size they had at the NAPA I  
went to.  Anyone who's done this repair recall if this is the same  
size you used?

TIA for any other ideas.

Derek P

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