Shift Linkage Check and Adjustment Question

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Jan 1 11:27:01 EST 2007

At 4:52 PM -0800 12/31/06, Michael Palatas wrote:
>It has been increasingly difficult to shift into 1st through 4th gears in my
>110K '91 200 20V TQ.  The 34-110 Bently adjustment procedure says to engage
>1st gear and push the lever to the left stop.  Does that mean that once
>comfortably in 1st gear, you push it to the left (towards the driver's side)
>until it stops, and then measure the rebound in mms?  From what point do you
>measure that?  Since it pivots from the bottom, the horizontal "rebound"
>measurement would change depending on how high up you measured it.  And what
>is meant by "do not include elasticity in the measurement"?  Any BTDT write
>ups?  TIA

I  assume that they expect the distance to be measured at/near the 
top of the knob (actually, I only recall a procedure to establish 
equal neutral-to-left and neutral-to-right movements, in which case a 
specific height of measurement would not be crucial). By avoiding 
"elasticity in the measurement" is meant to use light/moderate 
force--i.e.,  do not push the lever as hard as possible, which might 
actually deform the stop pad (or the rubber bushing in the pivot).


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