Strut Brace & Wheel Alignment

George sidman at
Tue Jan 2 12:23:20 EST 2007

Just when I was beginning to think this list was gasping for its life, up
pops the time-tested strut brace thread.  

Just to weigh-in and make sure Bernie is not getting too complacent, I can
support the efficacy of the strut brace in getting and holding solid front
wheel alignment.  I installed a modified version of Bernie's brace years
ago, and since then the shop has not had to fiddle with alignment issues.
Before the brace, tire wear was erratic and it seemed impossible to keep the
front end true. I was going through Michelin Pilots at around 25k miles. 

After the brace was installed tire wear become completely symmetrical and
tire life went up considerably.  The strut towers are right where they are
supposed to be and there is no sign of sheet metal fatigue. Add to that the
increased stiffness in handling, cornering, etc. - overall the brace has
been a complete fix and a huge success.  

I realize I leave nothing in this message for Bernie to kvetch about, but
what the hell, it's the start of a new year and he probably needs a

You can see my strut brace at

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