Strut Brace & Wheel Alignment

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Tue Jan 2 16:46:52 EST 2007

> From: "George" <sidman at>
> Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 09:23:20 -0800
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> Subject: RE: Strut Brace & Wheel Alignment
> Just when I was beginning to think this list was gasping for its life, up
> pops the time-tested strut brace thread.
> Just to weigh-in and make sure Bernie is not getting too complacent, I can
> support the efficacy of the strut brace in getting and holding solid front
> wheel alignment.  I installed a modified version of Bernie's brace years
> ago, and since then the shop has not had to fiddle with alignment issues.
> Before the brace, tire wear was erratic and it seemed impossible to keep the
> front end true. I was going through Michelin Pilots at around 25k miles.
> After the brace was installed tire wear become completely symmetrical and
> tire life went up considerably.  The strut towers are right where they are
> supposed to be and there is no sign of sheet metal fatigue. Add to that the
> increased stiffness in handling, cornering, etc. - overall the brace has
> been a complete fix and a huge success.
> I realize I leave nothing in this message for Bernie to kvetch about, but
> what the hell, it's the start of a new year and he probably needs a
> rest........
Not true, George!!
My bitch with your implementation has always been that you de-engineered my
design. Overkill with no added function. A Fat Wallet job!

> You can see my strut brace at
> George Sidman

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