Flywheel and Turbo

RicebalLDR at RicebalLDR at
Tue Jan 2 17:27:41 EST 2007

Hi Brett I am not sure but the engine would hardly stay running. I had to 
bump start it once because it would not start with the starter. It would only 
pull about 2200 rpm and had no power (barely made the hill to the Easy Pass Toll 
on the HHP north off the bridge). There are two sensors mounted next to each 
other and staggered both fore aft and in clock position. Maybe when the timing 
reff was lost the engine mangmt tried to adjust mixture. I fly airplanes so I 
know how mixture can effect performance since we control it manually and 
monitor it with EGT readouts. I hope that was the problem, I was hoping to replace 
the pin prior to disassembly to confirm but did not know enough at the time to 
do it. Ordered parts today so I will keep you posted..................Richard

Ps the bearing did start to vibrate before letting go so I am partly to blame 
but it still would have to come apart anyway Clutch looked pretty good with 
137000 miles on it

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