Pressure Tester (was Surging and erratic boost

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Wed Jan 3 10:39:44 EST 2007

At 7:33 PM -0800 1/2/07, Bernie Benz wrote:
>  > From: Phil Rose <pjrose at>
>>  At 1:30 PM -0500 1/1/07, PeterBergin at wrote:
>>>  When I test my system with that method, my oil dip stick launches
>>>  like a torpedo at about ~15 lbs.
>>  Isn't there a check valve in the crankcase breather hose that is
>>  supposed to prevent that?
>I don't think so, Phil. How would such a device work in this case? The flame
>arrestor is the only possible restrictor in the breather before it dumps
>into the intake immediately ahead of the throttle body.
>  >

Have a look at the breather hose diagram posted by SJM

and read his description:

"This 1991 200TQ 20V breather hose also has a Tee in the center of 
the hose, which connects to the intake manifold via a flow regulating 
one way check valve and a molded rubber hose. The check valve will 
close under positive manifold "boost" pressure. "


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