Pressure Tester (was Surging and erratic boost

Phil Rose pjrose at
Wed Jan 3 12:37:51 EST 2007

At 8:24 AM -0800 1/3/07, Bernie Benz wrote:
>Your original Q related to a check valve that might prevent 
>crankcase pressurization and resulting dip stick ejection. The check 
>valve you point out will not do so.

Ah, so this check valve is evidently oriented so as to prevent 
pressurized flow from the IM to the crankcase only during normal 
boost(ed) operation. Thus does not  prevent crankcase pressurization 
during the pressure-test procedure, which applies pressure/flow to 
the turbo intake boot (and provides a path to crankcase via the 
breather hose).  I get it now.

Anyway, I never managed to "blow my dipstick" (pardon the expression) 
because I used a bike pump which was able to reveal source of leak 
using relatively low pressure. Also, I long ago replaced the aging 
o-rings on the dipstick with new ones (3/16" ID ; 5/16" OD fits 
well), which might help a little.



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