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Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Wed Jan 3 14:09:45 EST 2007


Look for a set of stock 15² pie plates from the V8, cheap, easy to clean,
and designed for the UFOs, my second set.


> From: "Eric Huppert" <dragracer at netstep.net>
> Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 12:06:51 -0500
> To: "David Kase" <davekase at pdqlocks.com>
> Cc: quattro at audifans.com, 200q20v <200q20v at audifans.com>
> Subject: RE: Wheel web site
> Dave,
> Thanks for the reply... Not sure what I want, but the stock 20V BBS's need
> refinished (clear coat) and they're not my favorite wheels anyway. PITA to
> clean! Would most likely stay with 15's if I could find a set of the S4
> winter wheels. Finish isn't a issue as I can redo them... Had put a feeler
> out on the Audi fans "wanted", but nothing cheap or interesting came back!
> (Mainly cheap!)
> Had picked up a set of the 5 spoke 16"s for my old 10V, kind of like the way
> they look. Besides, at the time I thought $200 for a set was decent.
> 20v's and UFO's change the possibilities!!!
> Eric
> PS: Still have that dead brake bomb (hate using that word in email) I was
> supposed to send you for core use... Might have a offer on my house, so that
> will force me to actually ship it!
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> To: Ed Kellock
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> Subject: Re: Wheel web site
> IF you get that picture and let me know what you want I may be able to get
> a deal on them for you.  A neighbor of mine can order wheels through his
> wheel repair business (paint repair only) and can have them drop shipped to
> your address.
> Dave Kase
> Ed Kellock wrote:
> Have you tried, 20v.org or the other S-car site... not s-cars.org?
> Ed
> On 1/3/07, Eric Huppert <dragracer at netstep.net> wrote:
> A while ago I had found a web site that listed all of the OE Audi wheels,
> specs, pictures etc... Unable to find it now! Know I had saved it, but not
> sure if it's one of the sites that "passed away". Had originally thought it
> was Charlie Smiths site, but not seeing it there. Looking for some OE wheels
> for my 200 20V and would like to further explore the OE possibilities!
> Any clues?
> thanks, Eric
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