Doing 20V valve seals tonight..

Eric Huppert dragracer at
Fri Jan 5 18:20:47 EST 2007


Started on my valve seal replacement job tonight... Expect to work on it
tonight, tomorrow night and probably a couple more! What a major PITA! Don't
have the right tool to pull the old seal out, so using a small screwdriver
and splitting the lower band on the seal. NOT the way I like to do things!
And, can't get a perfect straight shot on the springs, so keepers are a
major hassle to get back in.

Oh, I also don't have the nifty tool and sleeve shown in the Bentley to
install the seals... Oiling them up and using a 11mm socket which fits the
lower sleeve and pushing down onto the guide.

Any words of wisdom? (Other than get the right tools!)

Thanks, Eric

PS: No flaming, I'm not in the mood...waaaaaa

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