Doing 20V valve seals tonight..

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Sat Jan 6 12:08:16 EST 2007

No hints over here, but do keep us, or at least me informed.  I'm thinking 
about doing the same job  when my timing belt again comes up to it's service 

Derek P

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>Subject: Doing 20V valve seals tonight..
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>Started on my valve seal replacement job tonight... Expect to work on it
>tonight, tomorrow night and probably a couple more! What a major PITA! 
>have the right tool to pull the old seal out, so using a small screwdriver
>and splitting the lower band on the seal. NOT the way I like to do things!
>And, can't get a perfect straight shot on the springs, so keepers are a
>major hassle to get back in.
>Oh, I also don't have the nifty tool and sleeve shown in the Bentley to
>install the seals... Oiling them up and using a 11mm socket which fits the
>lower sleeve and pushing down onto the guide.
>Any words of wisdom? (Other than get the right tools!)
>Thanks, Eric
>PS: No flaming, I'm not in the mood...waaaaaa
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