Fw: Re: Surging and erratic boost update

Eric Huppert dragracer at netstep.net
Sun Jan 7 10:33:17 EST 2007


Per previous post.... run the codes! In my experience most of the 200's did
NOT have the check engine light (CEL) installed. Circuitry is there, but you
need to pull the gauge cluster out (not completely, just detach and wiggle
the right side out) Install bulb and run codes. This should be the first
thing you do prior to checking anything else! Fairly simple procedure to
pull codes once the bulb is in, Both Scott M's and Chris Millers 200 20v
site have good instructions. This should tell you if any sensors flaky, etc

Basic tune up stuff should also be completed... I've rehabbed quite a few
type 44's, some experience with 89's also. I go through basic tune-up and
mechanical stuff as soon as I get the car. Does the car have the right
plugs? Cap and rotor, wires good? (Caps will get a small amount of oil
residue due to boost pressure working it's way into the dist.) Putting mine
back together after valve seal job, had oil residue in cap....

Vacuum lines good? Breather hoses, vacuum hoses turn to mush... My 200 20V
had a "rotten" fuel pressure reg vacuum line. I doubled the MPG between
myself and previous owner with this simple fix!

Ox sensors? Fairly cheap if you install the generic three wire. Believe a
ford Taurus or mustang sensor is the generic, less than $50. Google it,
think it was on Audi fans forum

Plug holes clean? Valve cover gaskets harden and oil works into recess via
bad/hardened vc gasket. Breaks wires down...

Run the codes, check the basics before delving into oddball stuff... Also
run the output tests... Whole procedure is fairly straightforward, just
seems like a lot when you're reading it...

Codes, codes, codes....

Seen a lot of Bentleys lately for this model. Recently got mine for $90.
(Thanks Eliot!) Invaluable resource if you're planning on keeping the car.


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