20V Intercooler strapping

Eric Huppert dragracer at netstep.net
Sun Jan 7 10:59:30 EST 2007


In the process of getting the 20V back together after the valve seals. Had
some hose clamps from a flowmaster heat shield which work length wise
(around IC). Unlike the 10V's the left side of the IC is angled. There's a
small protrusion which I've tightened the clamp against, but how have others
dealt with this? Think it will hold, but thought I'd ask....

Last thing to fix before the chip install was the valve seals, so seeing as
how the IC is already out figured now was a good a time as any to strap!!!
(Besides, finally got the trim clips for the front chrome, don't want to
take the grill back out)


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