20V Camshaft alignment HELP QUICK

Eric Huppert dragracer at netstep.net
Sun Jan 7 13:27:40 EST 2007

Scholars of all things Audi and lovers of pain....

Struggling with cam/belt etc. alignment after replacing valve seals.

Have the Bentley, but the picture and description leaves a bit to be

Problem is like so:

Engine set at TDC by rear flywheel mark, line above "0" at edge of cutout

Lower hub notch close (mark to tin shield)

Upper front belt pulley dot aligns with valve cover properly

Rear cam gear dot is a tad low. Tooth that dot is on splits head surface.

Rotor is aligned to mark on dist


Do dots on cam gears (intake and ex) correspond to a tooth, or to each other
(regardless of the tooth!) Dots are NOT centered on the gear teeth. Bentley
has their half *@# picture and vague description as always...

	If "O"'s align to each other I'm good.... If they specify a tooth I'm
possibly off one and can pull intake cam loose 	and spin one tooth

Not interested in putting top end together and pulling apart again! Had
enough practice for one weekend!

Have dial up, so if someone who's been befuddled by this and figured it out
could call (845-657-6009)it would be a little easier than checking from time
to time... If someone does call I'll post to list to avoid numerous helpful

Thanks, Eric

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