Bentley Chap 27 (90 200 10V)

Eric Huppert dragracer at
Mon Jan 8 09:15:05 EST 2007


Had a problem with my sons 90 200 starting circuit and dug into it last
night. He got tired of parking on hills for two weeks and decided to come
home so dear old dad could fix it.

Bentley wiring diagram is somewhat vague again... Doesn't really show all
that much as far as relays, etc.

Replaced Ign switch which I assumed was the problem as it wasn't quite right
anyway. Turned out housing was cracked (spring) which is fairly common
anyway. Replaced switch and still no power to solenoid. Wire to solenoid was
crappy, but still intact.

Per Scott M, jumpered across anti theft relay to eliminate relay. Still no

Ended up getting extremely lucky while starting to work back in wiring loom.
No power by right frame rail. Cut sheathing open near front of radiator. Two
inch slice and the corroded/broken wire was right there! Pulled headlight
for easier access to solder and splice in patch. Of course corroded wire
doesn't take to solder very well so ended up using good butt splices and
short length of wire...

REAL QUESTION IS: My Bentley set does not have chap 27 in it. Bentley for my
sons old type 89 had 27 out of sequence, but the set for the 100/200 doesn't
have it at all. Publisher error or am I losing my mind????


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