Oil pressure sending unit

Eric Huppert dragracer at netstep.net
Mon Jan 8 19:20:40 EST 2007

With the my large amount of posts lately I'm spending way too much time
working on vehicles! Maybe I need to buy a Volkswagen as per the latest

Anyway, I'm now back to wrenching on the other 200 20V. Have another oil
sensor to replace the bad one, but have spent the last hour trying to figure
out how to "mcgyver" something to get the installed one out.

Not enough room for a wrench, other stuff in the way, i.e. motor mount
bracket, ac bracket, wires, etc, etc... Removing the bracket might be the
best option at this point, but is a PITA

Thinking a crow foot wrench might loosen it, but of course I don't have one.

Heating/bending a wrench may give me the angle I need, but not sure, and of
course torches aren't here....

All I wanted to do was change a sending unit, waaaa

Anyone tackled this before?


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