Bentley Chap 27 (90 200 10V)

Eric Huppert dragracer at
Mon Jan 8 21:18:51 EST 2007

Okay....guess I'm going to have to post a video of me flipping pages so
everyone can be certain I'm not insane and can count... then again, spent
the last four days working on Audis, maybe I have lost it?????????


PS: Checked today twice to make sure the chapter didn't reappear! Nope,
still missing...

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Yes I went to my books and checked before saying some smart as#
statement. :-)
I just went and checked again (just to be sure) Goes from 27.1 to 27.31 :-)
Looks like you will be pleading with Bentley for some pages.
Or one of us could make some copies


Eric Huppert wrote:

>Did you physically go to the chapter, or just check the index?? My index
>it, but it's definitely not in my volume 1.
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