Bentley Chap 27 (90 200 10V) Beaten to death but will be resolved

Eric Huppert dragracer at
Tue Jan 9 08:59:41 EST 2007


Upon further CLOSE inspection the volume has two chapter 26's. Called
Bentley and if I send it to them they'll send me a volume with ALL of the

Or, maybe I could sell it on ebay? After all, people have sold potato chips
looking like Jesus.....

Want to thank everyone for doubting my counting ability, eyesight and
sanity... Actually looked at my H.S. diploma, cleaned my reading glasses and
called a psychologist. As soon as the pysch found out I worked on Audis they
wanted to have me directly committed to a institution. Told them I didn't
have time right now as I was working on two 20V's, but would get back to
them.... :o)

Hopefully I was able to provide some entertainment to the masses with all of


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