3B distributor rotor options

brady zq bradyzq at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 9 11:02:44 EST 2007

Hi All,

When going over my barge (200qa20v) recently, I saw that I needed a new 
rotor. And since I live in Canada, where we never got the 3B, I was ready 
for quite a search for the correct one. As Scott Mockry warns, the generic 
10V rotor which is mentioned in ETKA and elsewhere is incorrect for the 3B, 
even though it cross-references in all the parts catalogs.

My options were a special order from Germany, a trip to the dealer (who 
wouldn't have one in stock), or the Beru equivalent rotor. The Beru has the 
correct narrow 11mm tip and is the generic I5 rotor in their catalog.

I'm using one now. It was cheap, and the car is running well.

Am I inviting disaster? Or is this a cheap and correct alternative to the 
hard to find Bosch rotor?

Does anyone else have experience with these rotors?


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