Oil pressure sensor out and tips

Eric Huppert dragracer at netstep.net
Tue Jan 9 15:41:15 EST 2007


Per previous post and pleas for BTDT help I was looking to remove and
replace defective 200 20v oil pressure sensor (top sensor, can type).

Due to space constraints, angle of bottom edge of block and all kinds of
stuff in the way it took probably 4+ hours of thought and labor to remove!
Not sure if it's wiki worthy, but here goes..

Easiest way to remove sensor is remove left aluminum motor mount from block
and mount. Motor must be jacked up to clear mount stud and mount swiveled to
get out of the way. After run pump can be left attached.

I cut a open end wrench down to apx six inches, wrench is inserted between
dipstick and block, and lies in area where motor mount bracket was..

Wrench I had was to thick to get behind sensor. Had to "thin" it down.
Ensure the wrench you use is thin enough!

Also make sure you know which wire goes on which post! I pulled one wire and
bent the post before pulling the other wire off! Easier than digging through
the wiring diagrams!

A crowfoot wrench may work, but I would have spent a hour plus driving rt.
Besides, I work on Audis... I love the challenge! If I had to do it again I
would get the 17mm crowfoot and try that first!

Cheers, Eric

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