20V Intercooler strapping

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Wed Jan 10 12:12:16 EST 2007

FWIW - I used gas to clean out an IC before I had it modded (welding) -
worked great.


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Then explain why Simple Green used full-strength corroded the aluminum
intake manifold, even when cold and rinsed with plenty of cold water?

The citrus cleaners don't do this- I'd recommend using a citrus-based
degreaser rather than Simple Green. You need to use a strong one,
though- the stuff formulated to degrease bike chains and stuff like that
works great. The stuff you see in Home Depot in the spray bottle called
"citrus degreaser" is way too weak.


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> >> Don't use simple green inside or out- it's not safe for aluminum.
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> > I was not aware of this.  Thanks for the info.  Does it say so on 
> > the bottle?
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