Could the wrong 3b rotor trash a motor?

CLAG500 at CLAG500 at
Wed Jan 10 22:29:12 EST 2007

   After reading all of the recent rotor posts I decided to check  mine (easy 
to do as motor is out of the car due to a rod shooting out of the  block). 
I went to sjmautotechnik to get the scoop and see what I had. I have read  
almost everything on there under the 20v troubleshooting section but never  
noticed that he says that he's heard of engine damage (bent rod) from using this  
rotor with high boost. Here is the quote:
"Are you using the correct Distributor Rotor for the 3B 20V Turbo Engine in  
the 1991 200TQ ? 

The 3B designated 20V Turbo engine in the 1991 200TQ  used a unique 
Distributor Rotor with a narrow tip that can be difficult to find  in the US. This 
narrow tip rotor is required to provide the precise ignition  timing at the higher 
RPM's and to prevent any ignition cross firing inside the  distributor cap. 
Some people have reported engine damage (bent rod) that  may have been caused 
when the incorrect cylinder was fired under very high  boost." 
  Any thoughts on this? Thanks

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