re Oil smoke at Idle, and sometimes boost

Brian Larson brian.erin at
Thu Jan 11 07:53:43 EST 2007

Yes I understand that the turbo and intercooler hoses seem fine, but the oil
could be coming from the oil passages in the head gasket right into the
combustion chambers.  What do your plugs look like?  Have you checked the
compression on all 5 cylinders?  I hope this is not your problem, but like I
said I had a 10vt with this same issue.  It ran fine, but smoked
intermittantly (oil smoke, not coolant).  Good luck.  By the way, I replaced
all of the valve seals on that motor hoping it was the problem when it
turned out to be the head gasket.
Good luck,
On 1/11/07, Eric Huppert <dragracer at> wrote:
>  Doesn't smoke on decel though...
> Intercooler hose (MM) doesn't really have any oil in it.
> Turbo endplay is minimal and no oil in turbo..
> Eric
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> The oil smoke at idle, and decel could be a bad head gasket.  Been there
> done that on a 10vt mc-2.

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