Could the wrong 3b rotor trash a motor?

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Thu Jan 11 17:19:41 EST 2007

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>Sorry to hear about your engine and I hope you'll get  the car back on the 
Thank you. I will get it back on the road. Will have a lot of new parts on  it

>My first thought is: You said you could check your rotor  easily, so 
>did I miss the part where you told us what the heck you  found????
Oh yes. I forgot that I had posted this with pictures to another forum. My  
car has the incorrect rotor that was installed by the PO. Car was serviced at s 
 place that works on a lot of older Audis so when I got the car and it had a 
new  dist cap and wires I assumed the rotor was good. Actually had forgotten 
about  the narrow rotor until reading the recent posts here about it. The 
incorrect  rotor has a contact that is almost twice as wide as the narrow one. 
  Here is picture of the correct 3b rotor
  Here is the rotor on my car.

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