Could the wrong 3b rotor trash a motor?

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Sat Jan 13 04:00:42 EST 2007

I'm not lurking.  Just bored tonight.  I haven't looked at this list in
Yes, the wrong rotor WILL destroy connecting rods and pistons and perhaps
the block.  

This only occurs under boost high enough & with other issues to cause
detonation which retards the timing to its maximum retard.  While it is
being retarded the rotor is still turning approaching and possibly going
past the correct post in the distributor cap.  Here is where the fun begins.

The spark will then jump to the next "up coming cylinder because the
resistance to that cylinder is less even if the distance the spark has to
travel is greater.  (The high charge pressure in the correct cylinder causes
the higher resistance and drives up the voltage until. . .)  The spark
bypasses the correct cylinder and goes to the next one.  Bent rod, and other
terrible things.

I cannot give away our proprietary rotor specifications but we actually
solved Audi's problem and was able to run extremely high boost.  Maybe only
a hint: (1965 Rover 2000TC engine)

I may look at this list again in a few months.  Have a good year and as a
minimum be sure to visually check for the narrow rotor.  The pictures I've
seen tonight are all the wrong ones.


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>Sorry to hear about your engine and I hope you'll get  the car back on 
Thank you. I will get it back on the road. Will have a lot of new parts on

>My first thought is: You said you could check your rotor  easily, so 
>did I miss the part where you told us what the heck you  found????
Oh yes. I forgot that I had posted this with pictures to another forum. My
car has the incorrect rotor that was installed by the PO. Car was serviced
at s  place that works on a lot of older Audis so when I got the car and it
had a new  dist cap and wires I assumed the rotor was good. Actually had
forgotten about  the narrow rotor until reading the recent posts here about
it. The incorrect  rotor has a contact that is almost twice as wide as the
narrow one. 
  Here is picture of the correct 3b rotor
  Here is the rotor on my car.

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