Found a 20v bronze distributor drive gear source

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Sun Jan 14 08:40:07 EST 2007

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PeterBergin at writes:

At 217k,  I am probably about due!  Lee me know what pricing is.   I  presume 
the fit/quality will be good

I replaced mine recently with a piece from Mike Del Tergo [my apoligies if  
spelled incorrectly]. I got the impression it was made by the dude in the  UK. 
The fit and quality were fine. Obviously, a CNC'ed deal so, once you've  got 
the program they should all be the same.
Interestingly, at 120k my OE drive gear was in pristine condition, no chips  
or other issues. However, once I had a couple Dremel cuts in it and inserted a 
 screwdriver into one and twisted, the gear was very  
Best to replace it....'cause you know it won't fail in your driveway, it'll  
fail just north of Bumf..., USA.

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