Request for Advice - Totalled '91 200 20V TQ

Michael Palatas mpalat at
Sun Jan 14 16:16:40 EST 2007

Well, will be depressed for days or more - pristine lago blue with grey
leather @ 117K with III+ chip (pulls 21psi), non-CA car in CA now, euros,
killer JVC/Audiobahn aftermarket stereo with one-of-a-kind, plexiglas
windowed, blue neon lit, trunk mount 10" sub-enclosure, 6" door speakers
completely inside original door speaker spaces, and rebuilt rear deck for
the 6x9s (also looks original), faze boost gage with custom cowling on A
pillar (looks like original), 17" wheels with Kumho ESTCA 234/45s,
everything worked great including all red LEDs in switches, was hit at last
2 feet of driver's side rear quarter panel by parking lot speeder.  Impact
twisted the car so hard that it spun completely around and impacted a
concrete wall at the same rear quarter spot on the passenger's side, but
that one caved the wheel in.  Rear of the car is shambles, but from the rear
seat doors forward still looks almost brand new.  It will be "totalled" -
have no doubt.

Now that my eyes have dried - what to do to try to salvage the most money
and a
from it?  Recycle yards will tow it for free to scrap or dismantler - can't
bear the thought!  Could tow back to house to dismantle myself and part out
on ebay/audi forums (but that is a real time sucker), or sell as a parts
vehicle for someone to rape on their own.  Don't know which way to go.  Can
anyone give me some advice, preferably some BTDT.  TIA

Mike in Burbank, CA

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