Request for Advice - Totalled '91 200 20V TQ

PeterBergin at PeterBergin at
Sun Jan 14 20:56:21 EST 2007

Hi mike, a bunch of little stuff on my list.
    1.  A fully working IC cluster,  I have  tried several times to repair my 
check display with no luck.
    2.  Drivers side black sport seat in good shape  with working seat heater.
    3.  Seat heater dash switch.
    4.  Avant lower chrome and rubber side window  trim.
    5.  Brass distributor gear, (will do the group buy  if it happens). 
    6.  Audi oval emblem that goes on the frond fender  trim.
    7.  Recircleation flap vacuum servo, mount broke  off of flap.
    8.  Glove box light assembly.
    9.  Non leaking windshield washer fluid tank, mine  leaks when filled 
more that 1/2 way.
   10. Working steering column switch for the cruise  control.
That's all that comes to mind for the moment.
91 Avant

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