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Pete,  comment below.

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> Hi mike, a bunch of little stuff on my list.
> 1.  A fully working IC cluster,  I have  tried several  times to repair my
> check display with no luck.
Did mine by adding  small telephone wires on the surface of ground and power
traces across the  thin PC section between existing solder points on each
trace.  solved.
Had it out 3 times, first time cleaned with circuit board  cleaner(lasted 6 
months), second time re flowed solder joints, still  no auto check display, 
third time yesterday while replacing Ac  aspirator, added some trace wires, still 
no improvement.  3 strikes, it  out.  

>  2.  Drivers side black sport seat in good shape  with working seat  heater.
Working seat heaters, you¹re kidding! Repaired mine twice, forget  it! The
old horse deserves a stable, garage it.
Park outdoors in Minnesota nfen (no further explanation  needed)

>  3.  Seat heater dash switch.
Easily repaired, take it apart and fix  it.
Not if I can get a working one cheep or free!

>  4.  Avant lower chrome and rubber side window  trim.
>  5.  Brass distributor gear, (will do the group buy  if it  happens).
Sorry that you missed mine.
Me too!

>  6.  Audi oval emblem that goes on the frond fender  trim.
>  7.  Recircleation flap vacuum servo, mount broke  off of  flap.
ABS pipe cement?
Temporary fixed with 4 zip ties. T-E-M-P-O-R-A-R-Y

>  8.  Glove box light assembly.
Early causality, who  cares?
I do!

>  9.  Non leaking windshield washer fluid tank, mine  leaks when  filled
> more that 1/2 way.
What¹s wrong with half way  full?
Live in Minnesota, always runs out when I need it most!, May try  and fix.

>  10. Working steering column switch for the cruise  control.
If you  remove the switch, you¹ll find a broken ground wire in the lever
bundle.  Replace with a high flex wire, such as solder de wick stuff.
BTDT, Think it might be the connectors in the sliding  switch.

Thanks, Pete

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